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For more than 30 years, Europrogetti Srl has been designing and developing advanced technologies for water and wastewater treatment systems. We offer solutions for the wastewater treatment plants with the recycling of the treated water up to 95% or “Zero liquid discharge” (ZLD), with the total reuse of all treated water in the production process.

Our experience is wide which is spanning across several sectors such as tannery, textile, food and chemical industry, slaughterhouses, paper, drinks and others. We are particularly specialized in textile wastewater treatment in which we can define ourselves as LEADERS with more than 380 working installations in all over the world having a treatment capacity from 50 to 300,000 cubic meters/day.

How we work

How we do what are we good at.

When exist we study the actual performance, certainly the system and machinary used, the process of the industry itself as well as the inlet and outlet water: to provide a comprehensive engennering consulting service.

We like to give you information about the current regulantion in your region as wall as the subsidized finance and tax relief.

Chosing us you will get a precise estimation of the cost of the plant comprensive of:
  • Water charatteristics in each fase;
  • Observations and Measurements O&M;
  • Retourn on investiment analisis ROI;

Developing made-to-measure solutions is our forte, because every project is unique.

The best and most efficient technologies, thanks to the best market partners and a dedicated internal research and development team.

This activity, often delegated to our good partners, indirectly conogle us, not only because we are responsible, but because we care about it.

We will be present and supportive during this very delicate phase, because we like it and it still makes us proud to see the fruit of our work at work

Our SCADA sistem allow you and our technicals to control 24/24 7/7 the operations of the plant, to find false positives and false negatives effectively.

A grate idea o a big problem to be solved?

We can help you. We offer free consultation to achieve your goals with the precision and quality that you deserve.


Some of our work done all over the world.

Liberty Mills Limited

ZLD - 2800 m3/day


Q 1000 m³/day ZLD Plant


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68% recovery 1000 m3/day


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Present in more than 20 countries worldwide, our main focus is project and develop the most efficent and higt tecnoloy plant, our subsidiaries are on:

  • India
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Packistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Croazia


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