Recovery Water Technology

From more than 35 year Europrogetti S.r.l. offers knowledge, design and management experience in primary water management, civil and industrial wastewater treatment plants. Currently, we are proud to have 382 Active plants: 200 with Partial recovery and 100 Zero Liquid Discharge plants.
Our company has been recognized with a number of the following awards:

Our experience is wide and touches several sectors such as tannery, textile, food and chemical industry, slaughterhouses, paper, drinks, and others.We are particularly specialized in textile industrial discharge: we can define ourselves as LEADERS with more than 380 working installations in Europe, China, Central America, South America, North Africa, South Africa, Middle East Asia, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan. Our strength is “Zero Liquid Discharge” (ZLD) plants, it allowed the total reuse of all treated water in the production process. Based on our experience, the systems work on high performance stability, combined with a low operating cost.In some cases, the re-utilization of the wastewater from our ZLD plant, result much convenient than buy and discharge it.

OUR MISSION: Preserving the value of water in an eco-sustainable, smart and economic way; without compromises.

OUR VISION: Create opportunities for growth and improvement of production processes through better use of our planet resources.


We provide financial support on obtaining National and international tenders as well as Credit line covered by SACE insurance

Our systems guarantee the lowest costs of management and maintenance of the market

We offer guaranteed O&M performance.