Oxidation system

OX system

The oxidation system proposed by EUROPROGETTI is an electrochemical oxidation system that allows the reduction of COD and Colour presence in water containing a certain quantity of salt. After the treatment into the OX reactor, the torn down organic substance is sent again to biological process with solution that contain it for its final abatement. In the figure 1 is reported the scheme of the treatment proposed.

Figure 1: FT-IR spectrum of hexane extraction of three types of water treated with OX

The oxidation with a diamond electrode increases the efficiency of the reaction and reduces applied power costs. With this system, it’s possible to obtain the breaking of the structure even of really complex molecules, as dye ones (benzene rings together linked), in smaller molecules. Structures so obtained are more soluble and can be easily attacked by enzymes and bacteria, that, in few hours, can transform them in COD, metabolizing this residual with other COD coming from dyeing and finishing processes.

Figure 2: Dyeing bath samples treated with OX system – Effects along the time